Spring Soiree Fashion Dos and Don’ts: What to Avoid at a Beach Gathering

After a long winter, the promise of a sunny springtime beach gathering can feel like the greatest gift. The warm breeze, soft sand, and salty water are all a welcome reprieve from the cold. And when people start to come out of their winter cocoons, they also begin to plan seasonal parties, which means it’s time to turn your wardrobe over into the new season. So, what should you wear to your beach spring soirees this season?

There are some dos and don’ts when it comes to putting together the perfect beach party outfit, and we’re here to help you master them.

Embrace the Elements 

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When the weather warms up, going to the beach is at the forefront of most people’s minds. The beach is a great place to connect with friends, soak up the sun, and connect to nature. But you have to be wary of certain environmental factors. The sun may be pleasant, but it can burn you. The water is refreshing, but you need to be wary of tides. And sand….well, sand gets everywhere.

Embracing the elements and accepting them is crucial for making a beach gathering work.

Dos For Embracing the Elements

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  • Sun protection, sun protection, sun protection!

This is probably the most important thing to consider when going to the beach. First and foremost, sunscreen. Do your research and pick an SPF that works well with your skin. Consider a stylish hat to up your sun protection, a light cover-up to protect your shoulders, and sunglasses to keep your eyes protected. 

  • Smart footwear

The sand can feel incredible under your toes, be sure to wear a shoe that will protect you from any jagged shells while still being able to feel the sand. Sandals, slip-ons, and espadrille shoes are all excellent choices. 

  • Simple and quality jewelry

We all love to accessorize with beautiful jewelry. Choose beautiful beach jewelry that is high-quality and can stand up to the sun, sand, and salt of the beach. 

  • Keep it playful

Beach soirees are the best place to take a fun fashion risk. Throw on some playfully-printed swimming pants or a bright neon coverall that leans into your fun side. Or, embrace long flowing layers that make you feel like a mermaid.

Embracing the elements and making them work for you is the best way to ensure a fun, fulfilling, and exciting day at the beach.

Don’t For the Beach 

  • Socks

There is no worse feeling than stuck sand particles in between your toes. So, why would you wear shoes that require socks to the beach? Never choose an enclosed shoe that doesn’t allow your feet to breathe. Always opt for something more open and breathable that won’t trap in all of those pesky sand particles. 

  • Synthetic fabric

Going to a beach party in a fabric that is not breathable is a HUGE no-go. No one wants to be a sweaty mess when they’re trying to enjoy themselves. Opt for breathable fabrics that will allow you to enjoy the heat and the breeze, not suffer from it. 

  • Uncomfortable fits

Going to the beach can bring up a lot of feelings about one’s body. And while we firmly believe that every body is a beach body, we also understand that not everyone is going to feel comfortable letting it all hang out. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. If you utilize flowy, breathable fabrics, then you can easily cover up fully without feeling restricted.

When it comes to dressing for a beach soiree, our number one tip is simply to wear whatever it is that makes you feel your best—not what you feel you ‘should’ be wearing. Look at our tips as a gentle guide towards the things that will make your beach party unforgettable.

Beach Soirees To Expect

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What sort of parties should you expect to see at a beach? From exceedingly informal, to extremely formal, there are a lot of different celebrations that can happen at a beach. And when curating your springtime wardrobe, you may want to consider the formality of the events that are on your radar.

  • Weddings

Perhaps the most formal event likely to be on your calendar—weddings on the beach can be a beautiful warm-weather celebration. When dressing for a wedding at the beach, first consider the dress code. Many couples these days will list a dress code or even put together a lookbook to aid their guests in dressing for the occasion. You can also draw inspiration from all of the amazing sources online. And again, consider breathable fabrics—cotton, linen, and silk are all great beach options.

  • Birthday Parties 

Those who have warm-weather birthdays are extremely lucky. Everyone is ready to be out and social. A beach birthday party could range from very casual to being a themed picnic party. Again, consulting with your host is the best way to suss out the vibe of the party. Wear something bright, celebratory, and fun. 

  • More Casual Beach Fun

For more casual beach parties, consider leaning into trying something fun or risky. The beach is a great place to express yourself and wear your most playful outfits. Have a quirky pair of shades? Perfect. What about a cool new hat? Absolutely. Make the beach your runway.

Whatever the beach party you’re going to this spring and summertime, seize the opportunity to dress in something that makes you feel fabulous. Our biggest spring soiree don’t is not being true to yourself and your personal style.

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