Trendy Wedding Dress Styles for 2024: What’s in and What’s Out

If you’re one of the lucky brides planning your wedding right now and setting a date for 2024, congratulations! While you certainly have an ideal venue in mind, flowers you love, and food ideas already stirring in your mind, you probably have spent the majority of your time focused on what your dress will look like. When choosing your dress, you want to make sure it fits your style, the style of the wedding, and that it is on par with the current wedding dress trends. With that in mind, here are some tips to make sure your wedding dress is showing off the right aesthetic for 2024.

Unique Styles

Your wedding day is one of the magical and rare times when you can make the day all about you. This means your dress can represent your style and your flare, plus you can show off how fashionable you are by choosing something that fits the current trends of 2024. Choosing a unique style can help you do this. You may opt for an off-the-shoulder look or a combination of bodice and flowing boho-style gown. You can choose dresses that have boning to show off your sleek appearance or those that highlight your curves. Whatever gorgeous style you choose, make sure you love it; it will be in pictures for the rest of your life.


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Don’t be afraid to choose a wedding dress that has color. One of the top 2024 wedding dress trends is to opt for color and really make an entrance that lasts all night. Brides are showing off their love for pinks, blues, and even champagne-colored gowns rather than always parading down the aisle in bright white. This gives you the option to show off your individualized style and love your pictures for decades to come. Plus, you can opt for gorgeous headpieces and lace that are sure to keep within 2024’s unique style for brides.

Convertible Wedding Dress Styles

One of the most unique wedding dress styles of 2024 is convertible wedding dresses. Brides are also opting for tailored dresses that hug their bodies and show off their curves but may want to go outside the box with a convertible dress.

These types of dresses allow brides to wear their ceremony gown and then make a swap or two to enjoy a less formal but still gorgeous look for the reception. Convertible wedding dresses include options like removable sleeves and skirts and ways to convert a dress into a romper or even a pantsuit. Simple choices like this still give you an elegant dress for the ceremony and a more comfortable, less formal option for the reception, so you’re always the star of the show.

Accentuating with Jewelry

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Your wedding dress is definitely the standout piece for the day, but you can add to it with incredible jewelry pieces for accents. Many brides in 2024 are opting for birthstone earrings that feature their unique birthstones and also help them add some color to their outfits. Whether you want a simple stud with a ruby or a dangling earring featuring emeralds, your earrings will look incredible in pictures and help you add a bit of pizazz to your outfit.

Your rings are going to be looked at all day, so why not accentuate your already-gorgeous wedding rings with some gemstone rings to add a pop of color? With gorgeous topaz, shimmering amber, and deep sapphires, your hand can be the star of the show without you even meaning for it to be.

Florals and Embroidery

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Two of the top styles of 2024 are to have oversized florals on your dress or to feature embroidery throughout the gown. These are unique and fun ways to make your day even more unique to you. Plus, you’ll love the fact that these styles veer away from the traditional bridal looks and help your pictures really stand out.

With an embroidered look, your dress can be sleek and subtle underneath gorgeous embroidered florals or other designs for a layered and incredible look that’s sure to wow. Embroidery can also hug your curves, while other materials add the flowy look you’re hoping for to give you the best of both looks.

Enjoy Your Day

Whatever style you choose and however you accessorize it, enjoy your wedding day and make it unique. Choose a dress that’s different than what others expect and make it convertible if you’d rather dance in a fun pantsuit. Have fun with color and jewelry, enjoy choosing your headpiece or tiara, and find a dress that’s sure to say how hip to the current trends you are. Enjoy your day, ladies!

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