7 Ways to Look Fab at Any Age

Aging is a blessing, even if it doesn’t always feel like that. Sometimes as we get older we may feel like fashion isn’t for us anymore. Trends are for the young and anyone who isn’t should just relegate those things to the past right? Wrong!

There is no reason not to embrace fashion at every stage of life. Designers are becoming more age-inclusive and there has never been a better time for trend variety. ‘Dressing for your age’ is a dated concept that doesn’t fit into the conversation anymore. You have many more choices. But all of these choices can also feel overwhelming. 

How can you zero in on the trends and style techniques that feel age-appropriate without being limiting? Here are seven of our favorite ways to look fabulous at any age. 

  • Pick & Choose 

Millennials and Gen X have been haunted by the return of Y2K fashion. It can be unnerving to see the things you wore back in the day. You may even cringe at them on the runways of today. But all of these flashbacks to the past should encourage you instead of stressing you out. 

Instead of thinking of trend cycles as rules, think of them as suggestions. As you get older you can take on the trendy pieces that resonate with you and carry them through. Because these trends are cyclical you’re always going to come back around on it. 

So in a way, trends are for the young–but that is only because they haven’t figured out their style yet. Trying new trends is how one figures out one’s personal style. Pick and choose what you like and leave the rest. 

  • Figure Out Your Kibbe Body Type

In the 1980s David Kibbe, a Manhattan stylist, developed a system for categorizing body types and personal style. This system was based on a person’s ‘yin’ (feminine) energy and ‘yang’ (masculine) energy. According to Kibbe’s theories, there are 13 ‘types’ split into five main categories: dramatics, classics, naturals, gamines, and romantics. Your ‘Kibbe Body Type’ is determined by the combination of sharpness and roundness in your looks. 

For example:

  • Dramatics: Kristin Wiig, Greta Garbo, Maggie Smith
  • Classics: Grace Kelly, Kirsten Dunst, Olivia de Havilland 
  • Naturals: Jessica Biel, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Aniston 
  • Gamines: Audrey Hepburn, Lea Michele, Audrey Tautou 
  • Romantics: Marilyn Monroe, Christina Ricci, Helena Bonham Carter 

The Kibbe system is meant as a fun guide, not a rigid set of rules, that can help you determine the best way to style yourself for your features. Drawing inspiration from this system can help you to figure out exactly what works best on your body, and help you feel more comfortable with any ensemble. 


  • Stick With The Classics 

Denim jeans are a good example of how fashion seems to shift every few years. Different cuts of jeans are consistently ‘in’ or ‘out’ depending on what is considered the fashion of the day.

However, these styles come back every few years. Having a few classic basics is a great way to ensure that you will have a flexible wardrobe for years to come. 

Basics we suggest:

  • A classic cut of jeans, in whichever rise/fit makes you most comfortable
  • A long-sleeved black bodysuit
  • A pair of Chelsea boots
  • A cream sweater
  • A comfortable cardigan 
  • A basic white tee-shirt

With these building blocks, you can create looks that will be timeless for years to come and complement your personal style at any stage of life.

  • Be a Loyal Customer 

These days, sizing can be all over the place. One shop’s small is another shop’s medium. Finding out which brands fit your style the best can be a process, but extremely rewarding. Knowing that your favorite clothing boutique caters to your personal style and body type is a way to cut way down on shopping and styling time. 

  • Seek Style Inspiration 

Sometimes we can have trouble visualizing exactly what it is we want. We suggest vision boarding to find your style. But where can you get this inspiration?

  • Find a celebrity with a similar body type or style (or Kibbe type) and look at how they’re styled. These celebrities work with professional stylists whose entire job is to make them look put together. Finding someone similar to you and drawing from their style is almost like getting free fashion advice from experts.

  • Think of your favorite TV shows, the actors on those shows have been styled and costumed by industry professionals. Look up which stylists worked on the shows with the characters you like the best, chances are they have troves of other work you can draw inspiration from. 
  • Use shop associates as a resource! Chances are, the person working at the store you’re browsing would love to give you some advice. They’re an excellent resource and specifically trained to help customers get exactly what they need. Especially after the pandemic, everyone could use a bit more human interaction.

You can find style inspiration almost anywhere. Collect these ideas on a virtual or physical scrapbook or vision board and look at them while you’re trying to craft outfits. 

  • Invest in Sturdy Pieces

Fast fashion has been dominating the fashion industry for more than a few years now. But nothing ages someone faster than wearing a piece that is cheaply designed and created. Fast fashion is becoming a thing of the past among true fashionistas. Investing in well-made garments will not only save you money in the long run, it will always make you look a hundred times better. Classic and well-made basics will always stand the test of time.

Look for fabrics you like–whether it be silk, cotton, denim, or leather–and invest in the highest quality you can. Don’t throw away a piece just because it has a tear or popped button. Many skilled tailors can help you to increase the longevity of your pieces. 

  • Never Be Afraid To Be You

Iris Apfel was a NYC style icon and designer who went viral for her maximalist style which was born out of her love of texture and fabric. She was photographed wearing lavish outfits that were a cacophony of color, design, and texture. She certainly did not dress the way a woman in her 90s usually did, and that was what made her style so special. 

She was true to herself, not to the idea of what she should be. Apfel didn’t relegate herself to clothing only meant for ‘old ladies’. Never write off a piece simply because you feel you’re ‘too old’ to wear it. Wear what you like, what makes you comfortable, and what serves your self-expression the best. Being true to yourself is always going to be the very best style advice. 

Personal style is a fluid concept. As we age we hold onto the things that serve us and let go of the things that do not. You can’t put an age on a person’s style, we all are attracted to the things that we connect with. Developing your style is a reward that far outweighs any of the time and work you invest. 

Your style is an extension of your personality, lean into it and be true to yourself. 

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