2024 Fashion Trends For Electronic Festivals & Raves

Festival season is right around the corner, are you ready?

Raves and festivals are times to try new things, listen to great music, and show off your personal style. Individuality, community, and creativity all combine in festival culture to create the special experience that we all love. And we all know everyone is in the culture as much for the community as anything else.

Are you looking to update your closet with some hot new trends for your summer line-up? Look no further, we’ve collected the best fashion trends for 2024 festivals and raves.

Keep It Colorful

Photo by Darya Sannikova on Pexels

We all love something bright and fun, and colorful outfits have always been a part of festival culture—but where else can you incorporate color into your outfit? Try to think outside of the box. You can bring some color into so many different elements of your look.

  • Makeup

Incorporating colorful makeup is a fun way to play with color and try something totally new. Maybe opt for jewel-toned eyeshadows and eyeliners, or highlight your features with a fun metallic color. This season, brightly colored mascara is all the rage. Express yourself and go for a fun maximalist look.

  • Hair

There are so many fun ways to incorporate color into your hair. Of course, dying parts or all of your hair is always a fun option, but if you want something a little less permanent we’ve also got you covered. People love using fake hair and fake colored hair pieces to create more elaborate braids, pig tails, and more.

  • Power Clashing 

Trends today are all about the unexpected and the unusual. Don’t shy away from putting two (or three or four) bright colors together to create a bright and interesting look. Let your imagination run free and create a rainbow out of your outfit.

  • Body Paint

Turn your body into a work of art with body paint and glitter. Who said makeup has to just be for your face? Expand on your look by letting it spill over onto every part of yourself.

  • Props

People love to have stuffed animal backpacks, hula hoops, decorative parasols, random toys, inside joke things with their friends, etc.

Incorporating bright colors into every element of your festival look is a great way to make a splash. Whether it’s through your makeup, hair, or overall look, we highly recommend leaning into a colorful palate while dressing for a festival or rave.

Social Media Inspired You

Our world has truly never been more interconnected than it is now. TikTok, Instagram, and the overall communal environment of the internet has allowed us to think more globally and embrace influences from far outside our usual comfort zone.

We recommend keeping up with foreign designers, international fashion weeks, and musicians from other countries. Social media is an excellent resource for keeping up to date with international trends.

Animal Print

TikTok only proves that animal print will never be out of style. We like to think of animal prints as being a neutral fabric, something that can be built upon. We love pairing animal prints with neon hues for something fun and fierce. Mixing animal prints is also another maximalist choice that can make you stand out and make a statement. Get wild and be free!

Accessorize To Your Heart’s Content

When it comes to rave and festival fashion, we don’t recommend Coco Chanel’s advice of always taking off one item before leaving the house. Feel free to pile on rave accessories for guys and girls. Maximalism will always be in style when it comes to music festivals and raves. We love headpieces, harnesses, and body chains.

Skirt The Gender Spectrum

Photo by ALLAN FRANCA CARMO on Pexels

Rave and festival culture is all about individuality and creativity, not rigid oppressive rules. Embrace the unexpected by not playing by the gendered rules. Now, more than ever, we see celebrities and designers being playful with gender roles in their designs and aesthetics. Playing with gender roles is an industry-wide trend that we don’t believe will be going away anytime soon.


There is no community like the rave and music festival community, and that sense of camaraderie should spill over into your looks. Collaborate with your friends to create an overall theme.

You can collaborate with friends by:

  • Wearing the same color 
  • Having a consistent accessory 
  • Designing outfits that tell a story

There are endless ways to allow your imagination to run free when it comes to collaborating with your friends.

Be Free, Be You

There is no one way to dress or be at a rave or electronic music festival. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. The rave community is known for its individuality, acceptance, and creativity. When delving into fashion trends, always remain true to your own style compass. There is no greater indicator of style than confidence.

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