Picture Perfect: Enhancing Your Home with Memory Keepers

Photos are a mainstay in society. We use them to capture those perfect moments, creating lasting impressions we can reflect on later. Each photo evokes a memory, taking us back to a time when life stopped. Sometimes the photos elicit sadness; sometimes the photos nudge happiness forward in our minds. 

Memory keepers are a fantastic way to store and display those photos around your home. Letting someone into the special moments in our lives creates bonds and intimacy which each human craves.

Custom canvas framing is an ideal way to enhance the photos you hold near and dear, providing you with lasting memories. Taking inventory of the photos in your home, and then strategically framing and displaying the photos gives a new dimension to your safe haven. Your treasured photos should never be hidden in a box, stored away, and forgotten. But how do you tastefully use these photo memories to enhance the flow, function, and atmosphere of your home? 

Wall galleries

Whether the gallery of photos is in the living room, bedroom, or stairwell, a gallery wall enhances the feel of your home. Displaying various photos and mixing color with black and white, can all work well to create a wall of memories.

Measure and space the photos out before committing them to the wall. It’s a good idea too as well to lay the framed photos out on the floor or table before putting them up. Play around with the layout and find the one that is right for your space. 

Wall galleries are customizable. Remember, not every photo needs to be a person. If you have captured your favorite places or pets you can add variety and spice to your wall gallery. Home wall galleries can have five photos, while others hold a dozen or more. Work with your space and find the right fit for you!


Photo ledges are another terrific way to use vertical space to display your framed photos. This method uses wall space that may otherwise go unused. Think of the space you have hiding in odd nooks and crannies in your home. Adding floating shelves to function as ledges for these photographic memories is a creative way to put those beauties on display! 

Bulletin Boards

An unorthodox way to display your memories includes a bulletin board, but not your average bulletin board, though. Think upscale and classy, downhome and functional, or creative and vibrant – these bulletin boards are versatile and customizable to the spaces in your homes. Gallery walls and ledges are great for the mainstay photos you wish to display, but a bulletin board offers a new way to switch out the photos regularly. 

Shadow Boxes

Memorabilia doesn’t have to only include photographs. Sometimes the items near and dear to us can still be displayed, just not in a frame. Consider using shadow boxes to display your passion. A shadow box gives dimension to the space and offers another way to use your memories to enhance your home! 

Shadow boxes offer a different version of framing that doesn’t include a flat image, allowing you to mesh and meld various elements into a cohesive design choice. A design choice reflecting your personality and memories gives you ownership over your space. Why not use what you have?


Do you dabble in Instagram? Consider learning the ins and outs of high-quality photography, giving your social media a new dimension and another reflection of your home, space, and life. We live in a world where socials reign supreme; it’s how we interact with others. Using the same concepts as a wall gallery, bulletin board, or shadow boxes, your social media can act as an enhancement of your home.

Different Styles for Different Rooms

Each room has its own purpose and personality. The living room will have different uses than the kitchen; therefore, the photos displayed here will vary. The bathroom will have different photos displayed than a child’s bedroom. Purposefully decide the use and personality for each room, what vibe you want to create for each space, and which photos you have that can enhance the space.

Maybe you need different photos than you currently possess. Why not check out high-quality product photography for pointers and tips on taking stellar photos? Whether a beginner or an expert, everyone can learn something new!

Minimalist to Maximalist

For anyone living the minimalist lifestyle to the maximalist lifestyle and everything in between, using your photos and memorabilia to enhance your space is a smart idea. If you like clean lines, perhaps the Japandi style is for you. Is something quirky and different more your style? Frames exist for each lifestyle, preference, and design choice. Checking your options, reading about trends and evergreen style choices, and playing around with design will help you decide how to use your resources best.

The Sky’s the Limit

Whether you are an expert photographer or enjoy hobby photography and capturing your life’s special moments, using those memories to enhance your home is a smart idea. We create a home that reflects who we are, what we value, and our hopes for the future. Our memorabilia, photos, and keepsakes are the key to successfully and tastefully making our homes our canvas. Check out ideas for decorative frames, shadow boxes, and how to make the most of your camera’s features for pointers, tips, and more. Our homes should reflect who we are. Will you get started today?

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